Suited up hazmat cleaner by filthy stove in hoarder home

Attention Professional Cleaners

You’ve Got to Know When To Walk Away From Danger A TRUE STORY  Last year, I received a call from a family member in distraught, because her brother finally returned home after a long stay in the hospital. She was always worried about her younger brother and she just wanted to do good by bringing […]

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Towed recovered stolen car unloaded at shop

Vehicle Decontamination Process

Another Stolen Vehicle Recovered Sure, another stolen vehicle has been found and returned to it’s owners. Their initial thoughts may just be they’re just  glad to have it back. But did the thought of vehicle decontamination cross their mind? Probably not. However, it should be a top priority. The majority of the time a vehicle […]

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Fentanyl Remediation and cleanup of fentanyl labs

Danger in the Air: Inhalation Exposure in Fentanyl Clean Up

If you are a property owner, the chance that one of your properties will be used to process or distribute fentanyl or one of its derivatives is growing. Because fentanyl is generally produced elsewhere then shipped to distributors across North America, you are more likely to encounter it inside labs producing other drugs or inside […]

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How You Can Be Exposed To Fentanyl

There are multiple ways people can be exposed to fentanyl. Chemicals have become part of our daily lives. We use them for everything from cleaning windows to making automotive parts and lifesaving medicines. Unless you make a conscious effort to avoid coming into contact with them, you are likely exposed to a variety of commercially […]

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Powder, Pills and PPE – Fentanyl Remediation Basics

Unlike many other types of clandestine drug labs, remediation involving fentanyl facilities does not often involve significant amounts of liquid chemicals, chemical waste or residues. This is largely because much of the North American supply of fentanyl is made and shipped from overseas. Pills & Powder Fentanyl is available commercially as a patch but is […]

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