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Powder, Pills and PPE – Fentanyl Remediation Basics

Unlike many other types of clandestine drug labs, remediation involving fentanyl facilities does not often involve significant amounts of liquid chemicals, chemical waste or residues. This is largely because much of the North American supply of fentanyl is made and shipped from overseas. Pills & Powder Fentanyl is available commercially as a patch but is […]

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Chemical Waste and Drug Lab Remediation

The removal of chemicals, chemical waste and contaminated materials from a drug lab is a complicated process. These substances pose a risk to individuals and the environment and must be handled and disposed of correctly to ensure long-term safety. Synthetic drugs are produced in clandestine labs by mixing chemicals and other reactive agents. During the […]

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Tears falling down face in pain

Speaking Out Against Fentanyl Exposure

Drug awareness campaigns across Canada and the U.S.A. are bringing fentanyl and other drugs out of the shadows. From small reservations to large cities, these events are fighting against the tide to save lives that may otherwise be lost to the effects of the drug trade. Mayken has been providing hazardous material clean-up since 2006. […]

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Fighting Back Against Fentanyl

Fighting Back Against Fentanyl – Partnering for Community Health & Safety

Communities across North America are being torn apart by the effects of fentanyl. Every day more of our youth become involved in the drug trade. It is taking over our streets and destroying our families. Some communities are fighting back. Green roots movements to take back the streets see everyday citizens partnering with law enforcement, […]

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Fentanyl Drug Lab Identification and Cleanup

What to do if You Discover A Fentanyl Lab

It’s a landlord’s worst nightmare – you walk into your rental property only to discover that your renters aren’t what they seemed. Baggies, bowls, garbage – bottles of liquid and dust everywhere. Your rental property looks less like a home than a flophouse. You suspect a possible Fentanyl Drug Lab. If you think there is […]

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