How to Properly Decontaminate Vehicles from COVID-19

Many of us are worried or confused about the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19, and it is important to keep level-headed and reasonable during these trying times. Even more important, however, is maintaining proper effective cleaning, sanitation, and disinfection procedures. These procedures will help us all “flatten the curve” and prevent the spread of the novel Coronavirus.

One of the most overlooked areas in which these decontamination procedures are necessary is our vehicles. Out of our self-isolated sight, vehicles are confined spaces that can potentially carry the virus and are often overlooked when cleaning and sanitizing the areas around us. As it is a good practice to maintain cleanliness there are some helpful tips to help you prevent spreading this disease.

Trust the Hazmat Experts Cleaning Solutions

Calgary Hazmat

Calgary hazmat cleaners know what it takes to properly clean your vehicle. They are experienced in the best methods of deep, thorough cleaning, such as electrostatic spray and fogging.

Electrostatic spray and fogging both use a specially-formulated disinfectant spray with unique equipment. The electrostatic spray equipment positively charges the solution before the spray fan, and this causes it to adhere to all surfaces rapidly. This process is much better than traditional dry or wet cleaning methods because of its ability to adhere. Traditional methods will either move the dust and dirt particles into the air (dry) or just move them around on the object (wet).

Using the electrostatic method in your vehicle helps to loosen the dirt and harmful particulate matter by effectively coating every surface with a disinfectant solution, but it is up to the hazmat cleaners to thoroughly clean and sanitize all of the surfaces in the vehicle. 

Conversely, the fogging operation uses a similar technique to clean vehicles effectively. In this method, the interior of the vehicle is treated with a disinfectant solution applied as a fog, or mist, throughout the vehicle. This is great for trapping airborne particles and reaching deep into surfaces or materials that are hard to reach with traditional methods, even electrostatic spray. 

However, fogging is not enough to thoroughly clean a vehicle, and hazmat cleaners must take precautions to ensure their cleaning methods are meticulous and thorough, in conjunction with the fogging process.

The fogging and electrostatic spray methods are both great, and each goes hand-in-hand with thorough cleaning performed by Calgary hazmat cleaners. Together, these vehicle decontamination processes work for both the air and surfaces, establishing a healthy and clean baseline for your vehicle that effectively traps and removes any form of contamination that may be present. When combined with high-quality disinfectants and diligent processes, they are effective in combating COVID-19.

Remember, while it is a necessity to have your vehicle properly cleaned if someone with COVID-19 has been in the vehicle, it is just as important to practice preventative maintenance. Therefore, having your vehicle professionally cleaned if there is even a suspicion of contamination is in your best interest as well. 

Ideally, you should bring your vehicle to a Calgary hazmat facility so that they can contain the vehicle to control the possibility of cross contamination and deploy their decontamination booth to perform the cleaning effectively. 

Stay clean, and stay safe!

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