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Stay Safe With Safe Disinfectant Spray

Available 2020 Disinfectant Solution sizes, masks and atomizer

Kills 99.9% of COVID-19, bacteria, fungi, and germs dead. 
DIN# 02505339

Spray and Walk Away Disinfectant

Having a disinfectant spray on hand everywhere to keep yourself, your family and your business safe couldn't be easier.

2020 Disinfecting Solution is Mayken™ Hazmat Solutions' very own safe, ready-to-use solution for sanitizing all your surroundings.  Approved by Health Canada for sale, now you can use the power of the same disinfecting spray we use for our commercial and industrial clients. 

  • Easy to apply anywhere

    • no mixing or diluting concentrations
    • travel sizes to fit in your pocket, purse, or bag to disinfect anywhere
    • short dwell time, dries in 5 minutes
    • no sticky or harmful residue to wipe off
    • safe for every surface including fabrics, remotes, mobile phones, computers, and other electronics
    • electrostatic application reaches hard to clean - and wipe - objects or places

  • Environmentally Friendly

    • eco-friendly
    • doesn't contain harsh chemicals
    • no wipes to throw away
    • containers refillable, reduce plastic and packaging throwaways
    • return your spray bottle, jug or pail for a credit

  • People Friendly

    • safe for adults, children or pets
    • doesn't burn or irritate skin
    • unscented, no harsh or lingering odors
    • doesn't leave stains 

  • Local Solution

    • manufactured by Mayken™ Hazmat Solutions in Calgary, ✔ Alberta, ✔ Canada ✔
    • supporting our economy

Blue Light Nano Atomizer

See the nano atomizer in action. Simple and quick to use for disinfecting your surroundings.

If your decontamination situation is larger than you wish to handle, we're happy to discuss disinfecting services to meet your needs.

Order Your Disinfecting Spray

Please complete the following form indicating which sizes of disinfecting products you would like to purchase. We will contact you with the total amount of your order and get payment information.

  • Pick up orders at 4620 Pacific Rd NE Bay 1, Calgary AB, T2E 5S5
  • Delivery can be arranged. Some restrictions and costs may apply.
  • Contact us for quantity pricing
  • Remember to return your spray bottle, jug or pail for a credit!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, our disinfectant spray is approved by Health Canada and is safe to use around your employees, family members, pets, tools, machinery, furniture, electronics, etc. 

Our disinfectant dries (ie. dwell time) in 5 minutes and leaves no residue. It truly is a "spray and walk away" solution.

Yes, our disinfectant spray is safe for every surface including fabrics, remotes, mobile phones, computers, and other electronics.

Yes, our solution is made from natural eco-friendly ingredients. There are no harsh chemicals and is landfill friendly. Because it’s sprayed on, left to dry (in 5 minutes), and there is no residue to clean off, there are no wipes to throw away.

Yes, you can bring back your spray bottle, jug or pail for a credit.

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