How to Keep Your Business and Inventory Safely Disinfected

While many businesses and organizations are reopening in the wake of relaxed COVID-19 restrictions across Alberta, many people are still concerned about the transmission and spread of the Coronavirus. With so many unknowns still playing out on the global stage, this wariness is understandable. However, we will collectively have to improve our awareness and precautions to move forward despite the current situation. 

One of the ways that we can improve our precautions is through effective cleaning and sanitization at our places of business. Of course, with our personal cleaning and protective equipment tantamount to our success, it just makes sense that this should carry itself forward to the objects and spaces with which we interact. 

The most effective way to clean our work area is with the help of hazmat cleaners in Calgary. Of course, we all understand that cleaning should be a major part of our daily work routine at this point, but hazmat cleaners take this to the next level with an added layer of protection. Plus, their disinfecting products leave no residue and are free from nasty odours, like chemicals or alcohol, leaving almost no trace of its presence. Add to this the fact that they are safe enough to be applied in the presence of other people, and you have a service that genuinely adds benefit and protection to your business.


How Calgary Hazmat Keep Your Business Safe and Disinfected

When you utilize the help of hazmat in Calgary, you will likely notice that they follow a rigorous and uniform process. First, they will use their government-approved disinfecting spray to clean every surface of your building. Next, they will wipe, wash, and clean each surface to ensure that they have uniformly reached every surface. Their process, by design, cleans areas in the most efficient and reliable method possible. 

Also, when it comes to keeping your inventory clean, there are multiple ways to approach the process effectively. Items that are handled directly by employees may not require disinfection, but it will depend on the type of constructed material. Although, you should note that if there will be no physical contact with the product after purchase, such as components housed in assemblies, or if there is none during the process, such as food production, sanitation will not be required. 

Hazmat cleaners can assist with the cleaning process by using one of their specialized cleaning methods: spray fogging or electrostatic spray. Each of them is effective on their own, and in particular, spray fogging can clean large, open areas quickly. In some instances, this process can disinfect up to 18,000 sq. ft. per hour. Conversely, electrostatic spray uses positively-charged particles in a process that wraps around and underneath objects, spreading the disinfectant material uniformly across surfaces and objects. Each of these methods brings a substantial benefit to traditional cleaning activities and helps to disinfect surfaces and objects at your business effectively.


Trust the Experts with Your Business Cleanliness

As you can see from the information provided in this article, hazmat in Calgary has a significant advantage over conventional cleaning methods. Protecting your business and your employees should be at the front of your mind during these difficult times, which you can do by consulting with hazmat cleaners.

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