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Extremely Filthy Kitchen And Bathroom Of Hoarders House Before Clean Up Services

Extreme Cleaning – Crime Scene Cleaning – Hoarders

EXTREME CLEANING   Crime Scene cleaning, extreme cleaning and hoarding cleanup all require specialized equipment, and attention to details. That’s why Mayken™ Hazmat Solutions can be helpful to you when you need it most. Whether it’s extreme cleaning after hoarders, extremely poor tenants or due to poorly maintained homes and pets, the cleanup can be […]

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Dirt hole with shovel and hose to dispose of bio hazardous waste

Bio Hazards and Safety – The Cleanup of Toxic and Infectious Substances

BIO HAZARDS CLASSIFICATION SYSTEM: CLASS 6 Bio Hazards Toxic Substances and infectious substances (Crime and Trauma) BIO HAZARDS AND SAFETY Bio hazards cleanup restores an environment soiled with organisms, or material from organisms. As a bio hazard, this material is a threat to human health. For our purposes, homicide, suicide, unattended death, and other soiled […]

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