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In The News

Mayken™ HazMat works very hard to clean up the City of Calgary and surrounding areas province wide. As a result, Mayken™ is proud to be recognized as an authority in the hazardous cleanup field. You can learn more about these special people in several news articles and interviews with local media listed below.

Property Management In The News

One Bad Tenant

As a landlord were you aware you may be on the hook for damages your tenant causes to your rental? Insurance may cover only a portion of it or none if you have the wrong insurance!

Here’s a recent story where Mayken™ was called in to clean up after the damage was done. In extreme cases like this, cleaning it up yourself could expose you to diseases, lethal drugs and extremely unhealthy situations. Always call in a professional when your health could be at risk!

Facing Repairs Ahead

Councils of First Nations communities face similar issues as other landlords and hotels. When members use or produce illicit drugs or cannabis in their home, Where the Council owns the home, they is faced with responding to the damage. 

In this interview with First Nations National Building Officers Association (FNNBOA), Dean Mayken discusses the process to remediate a home contaminated with illicit drugs. 

Interview starts at 6:40

Meth In The News

Fentanyl Is Making Headlines, But Meth Is The Menace!

Methamphetamine, crystal meth or simply meth as it is commonly referred to is one of the biggest challenges facing many of the towns and cities across North America and why it's so common to find meth in the news these days.

Due to its low cost and quick highs it's become the most commonly seized drug in Alberta. The biggest issue with this is the highly addictive qualities of meth which is contributing to stories of meth in the news related to crimes such as property theft or break and enters.

As addicts scrounge for cash to get that next high they're stealing vehicles, tools even bottles, just to get some cash to buy more drugs.

This has made meth an even bigger challenge for law enforcement than Fentanyl. Fentanyl is stealing many of the headlines and has its own major challenges due to high toxicity.

We've gathered several methamphetamine stories for you here to raise awareness:

Contaminated spaces such as homes or vehicles can be a health risk to anyone disturbing the space and adequate precautions need to be taken before exposing yourself to these risks.

Please contact us as soon as possible regarding the cleanup of a meth lab or potentially contaminated vehicle recovered after a theft..

Fentanyl In The News

Fentanyl Awareness

It seems no matter where you turn Fentanyl is in the news. Whether it’s a drug bust, a crime, a fentanyl overdose or simply the dangers of Fentanyl it’s omnipresent.

To help keep you educated and aware of the ongoing fentanyl crisis we’ve compiled fentanyl related stories from the news.

As Mayken™ Hazmat is a leader in the cleanup and remediation of Fentanyl labs as well as property and vehicle decontamination, we are often involved directly in these stories as one of the first groups on site to contain the dangers.

Grow Ops In The News

Grow op remediation expertise

With the recent legalization of marijuana we're seeing far fewer stories of grow ops in the news these days, but that doesn't mean the issue has gone away!

Marijuana grow ops are still a major concern when it comes to health and safety for the owners of the property and even potentially the future owners if the property grow op remediation is done improperly.

With a decade of experience in the remediation of marijuana grow ops Dean May is one of the go to individuals for landlords, insurance companies and even banks when it comes to remediating properties.

That's why you'll find him featured in so many local news stories as a local remediation expert on grow ops.

To showcase that, below you'll find some of the stories and articles featuring Mayken™ Hazmat and our resident grow op remediation expert Dean May!

Grow Op Videos

Bruce: We're joined now by Dean May. He is the owner of Mayken Solutions, a company that cleans grow up houses. Good Morning, Dean.

Dean: Good morning, Bruce.

Bruce: Dean, just how serious, uh okay let's put it this way, how bad a shape are most of these grow op homes when you get to them?

Dean: Well, when I get to them some of them, uh you know they are small operations in the basement. Other homes, they're totally engulfed. Every bedroom, every level, every square foot in the house is being utilized.

Bruce: And mold is the principal problem. Isn't it that's correct?

Dean: Yeah, because the plant growing operation creates a greenhouse effect with major humidity and resulting in mold.

Bruce: Now do you have to tear out all of the drywall?

Dean: Uh, any room that has been related to the growing op. It is removed. All the drywall, all insulation, all vapor barrier.

Bruce: So everything. You take it right down to the studs. Is that right?

Dean: Yup. Back to the framing stage of the property.

Bruce: And then, do you then have to treat the frame?

Dean: Then depending on what mold we find behind the extent of that whether we can scrub it off, grind it off, or if we have to get a specialty company in that'll do dry ice blasting.

Bruce: Dry ice blasting so that's the most expensive I think in the last, the last you know move that you can make.

Dean: Yeah, that's those are in pretty extensive cases when we run into those.

Bruce: So typically, how long does it take you to clean up say a house that's been damaged for you know from top to bottom?

Dean: Well usually I would average in about three months by the time we get the permits, get all the engineers, the electrical, the gas lines before my guys can even get in. So the house is safe and then they can start ripping it all apart.

Bruce: Three months - that's a long time you know. Are the neighbouring homes in danger when you see that kind of mold in a single residence?

Dean: I don't think so. I think the grow-op hazard to the residence is the electrical and fire hazards which we all recall back to the big Citadel fire.

Bruce: Yeah. So the mold itself stays pretty contained within the home then?

Dean: Absolutely. I would, in my opinion.

Bruce: Tell me, how did you get into this business?

Dean: I am actually a hazmat technician. I've been dealing with dangerous goods, hazardous materials, transportation for 25 plus years. And then we got asked if we could do a grow-op so I figured if I can deal with chemicals to mass quantities like train derailments and stuff like that I’m pretty sure I can handle a little bit of mold.

Bruce: So it's not your principal business you do other cleanups as well then?

Dean: Well, that's the way it started but these grow ops, there are so many of them that that's become our number one primary business.

Bruce: Well, very interesting Dean. Well, and work safely. Appreciate you talking to us. We’re out of time. Thank you very much.

Dean: Okay, thank you. Bye-bye

Have you found your property has been locked down by Alberta Health Services and the City of Calgary due to a grow up?
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