Fentanyl is Making Headlines, But Meth is the Menace

Methamphetamine, crystal meth or simply meth as it is commonly referred to is one of the biggest challenges facing many of the towns and cities across North America and why it’s so common to find meth in the news these days.

Due to its low cost and quick highs it’s become the most commonly seized drug in Alberta. The biggest issue with this is the highly addictive qualities of meth which is contributing to stories of meth in the news related to crimes such as property theft or break and enters.

As addicts scrounge for cash to get that next high they’re stealing vehicles, tools even bottles, just to get some cash to buy more drugs.

This has made meth an even bigger challenge for law enforcement than Fentanyl. Fentanyl is stealing many of the headlines and has its own major challenges due to high toxicity.

We’ve gathered several methamphetamine stories for you here to raise awareness:

Contaminated spaces such as homes or vehicles can be a health risk to anyone disturbing the space and adequate precautions need to be taken before exposing yourself to these risks.

Please contact us as soon as possible regarding the cleanup of a meth lab or potentially contaminated vehicle recovered after a theft..

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