Hazardous Materials Classification

There are nine hazardous material classifications that are consistent across all government agencies who regulate the transportation of dangerous goods for both national and international levels.

Our Specialty Hazardous Materials Classifications

Mayken™ is trained, qualified, certified, and experienced in performing transportation or environmental cleanup services related to these six classifications:

Hazardous Materials Classification 3

  • Flammable liquids and combustible liquids (fuel, methanol, solvents, etc.)

These are most commonly found at work sites or accident sites.

Hazardous Materials Classification 4

  • Flammable solids (spills/contamination)
  • Spontaneously combustible materials
  • Dangerous when wet materials
  • Water-reactive substances

Again, these types of cleanups tend to involve work site related spills and/or accident scenes that require cleaning.

Hazardous Materials Classification 5

  • Oxidizing substances and organic peroxides (fertilizers)

These types of sites that require cleaning tend to be industrial or farming locations.

Hazardous Materials Classification 6

  • Toxic substances and infectious substances (crime and trauma)
  • Biohazard

Biohazard cleanup of substances found at crime and/or trauma and health related incidents.

Hazardous Materials Classification 8

  • Corrosive substances

Typically found in industrial cleanup situations.

Hazardous Materials Classification 9

  • Miscellaneous hazardous materials/products, substances, or organisms

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Above and beyond these classifications, Mayken™ is also trained and experienced in illicit drug lab remediation and cleanup to decontaminate and neutralize all types of drug labs and user sites. This includes fentanyl, meth, and other illegal drugs. We also have extensive experience with mold and other damage found during marijuana grow op remediation. Our specialized breathing gear, hazardous material suits, and outer wear protect us from dangerous odors, chemicals, and other materials and allow us to properly inspect, cleanup, and return hazardous situations back to their original condition.

Other Hazardous Materials Classifications

Please call us if you require services for the following classifications. We have a full source of referrals and connections to help you with any service needed:

  • Classification 1 - Explosives
  • Classification 2 - Compressed or Flammable Gas
  • Classification 3 - Radioactive

Not Sure if You're Dealing With a Hazardous Material?

Have you encountered a situation where a spill cleanup is needed and concerned there may be hazardous material involved? We can help determine the classification, the cleanup process required, and how we can assist you.

Hazardous materials are serious business

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