Grow Op Remediation

Eliminate your marijuana grow op and drug lab troubles.

Specializing in all types of clandestine drug lab remediation including fentanyl, crystal meth, legal or illegal grow ops

Crime Stoppers Do Not Enter Sign At Drug Lab Operation Grow Ops remediationMayken™ Hazmat Solutions specializes in the business of Grow Op Remediation, property restoration and mold remediation for homes affected by marijuana grow operations and drug related situations.

Mayken™ offers a full turn-key solution. We go the extra mile to ensure the project is completed within budget and in a timely manner.

grow-op-remediation-in-calgary-97-150x150Grow-Op properties also have structural hazards. They cut into the foundation wall to by-pass the power meter, cut into walls, ceilings and floors to run an elaborate maze of venting and electrical wires to run the grow rooms. The massive increase in humidity gets into the wall cavities and attic spaces to create a prime breeding ground for mold, thus creating a major health hazard.

We work with the local authorities, Safety code officers, Alberta Health Services and all of our third party professionals (electricians, plumbers, engineers and environmental consultant) to control, remove and rectify all the inherent hazards that have been created by the grow-op.

Our trained team will remediate your property to clear all initial safety code inspections and indoor air quality. At that point it is ready for re-build. Our team can complete the permitting, rebuild and final inspections to remove the Health Order, or, you can complete this step now the hazards are removed.

Mayken Hazmat Solutions is approved through Alberta Health Services

We also deal with fentanyl and other illicit drug lab remediation and user sites.

We are professional, expedient and competitively priced. We are fully licensing and insured and we're pre-approved by Alberta Health Services, the City of Calgary, and several surrounding areas to deal with marijuana grow-ops. We strive to build exceptional rapport by respecting you, your property and your community.

  • Mold removal and remediation
  • Marijuana grow ops remediation
  • Decommissioning and remediation for Fentanyl and Ecstasy Labs
  • Chemical contamination removal
  • Drug related litter cleanup
  • Licensed in Alberta as a Hazardous Waste Carrier to collect and transport Dangerous Goods

Beyond marijuana grow operations and drug labs, Dean May (Owner) is also a fully certified and trained Hazardous Material Emergency Response Technician.

Faced with damage from drug-related activity?

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