Vehicle Drug Testing: How Long Does Drug Residue Last in a Car?

Car theft in Canada is one of the most common police reports filed. Alberta comes in second with over 23,535 reports in 2019. As hazardous cleaning professionals, we always emphasize the importance of vehicle drug testing after a stolen car is recovered. Even if the police were able to provide some detail regarding the criminal […]

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Drug Lab Cleaning Crew

Drug Lab Cleaning: Safety During A Fentanyl Bust

Removing toxic chemicals and chemical waste in a safe and efficient manner is complicated. Fentanyl drug labs are being discovered at an alarming rate across the country. During Fentanyl Busts, the chemicals being used are often unlabelled, which makes cleaning much more dangerous and difficult. For everyone’s short and long-term health and safety, hazardous materials […]

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Using Disinfectant Spray: What You Need to Know

Awareness for properly cleaning and disinfecting high traffic areas has become more prominent. For those handling basic day-to-day cleaning, whether it’s at home or the office, you’ll usually give a surface a quick spray, followed by a few wipes to dry the surface and then call it a day. However, this method is quite ineffective. […]

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Decontaminating van with fogger

Cleaning vs Disinfecting is Dwell Time

The introduction of the novel coronavirus in our lives has created broad awareness of cleaning and disinfecting practices. Dwell time, however, often receives little mention. Dwell time needs to be part of discussions about preventing and containing the spread of the COVID-19 and other diseases because it is the difference between cleaning vs disinfecting. Understanding […]

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How to Keep Your Business and Inventory Safely Disinfected

While many businesses and organizations are reopening in the wake of relaxed COVID-19 restrictions across Alberta, many people are still concerned about the transmission and spread of the Coronavirus. With so many unknowns still playing out on the global stage, this wariness is understandable. However, we will collectively have to improve our awareness and precautions […]

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