What is the Process to Remediate a Marijuana Grow House?

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Remediating a marijuana grow house and returning it back to it’s original condition is a complex task with many steps along the way.

As grow op remediation specialists Mayken™ has years of experience with the process and can walk you through all the steps to take a marijuana grow house from a disaster all the way back to its original condition.



Mayken™ HazMat Solutions will enter the marijuana grow house with the “Environmental Consultant”, to customize your quote based on the “findings” and the “Executive Officers Order”. Then, we will obtain in writing, a letter to enter the premises “for purposes to comply”. Once the estimate has been accepted, Mayken will then obtain the ERP (Environmental Restoration Permit) necessary to bring in the required trades (engineer, electrician, plumbing/gas and HVAC personal) to get the services reinstated to your property.

PHASE 2 (Restricted entry allowed)

Our staff will then utilize the “Executive Officers Order and Environmental Assessment” as a blue print to complete the remediation process.

  1. Remove, document and dispose of all grow related items and submit to Alberta Health Service (AHS) as required.
  2. Remove extraneous building materials and plastic sheeting; examine materials beneath for evidence of water damage and/or mold growth; clean, repair, or replace materials in accordance with a professional environmental assessment and remediation plan.
  3. Remove and properly dispose of any chemicals.
  4. Remove interior clutter, and properly dispose of waste materials.
  5. Repair to restore electrical services as required AB building code.
  6. Repair heating, ducting and ventilation systems to restore service.
  7. Repair plumbing systems to restore service.
  8. Repair gas lines and connections to restore service.
  9. Arrange to have air quality testing completed for confirmation of mold remediation. All required reports are submitted to AHS.
  10. Re-Inspection by AHS.

PHASE 3 – Rebuild & Restore Marijuana Grow House

Once all documents are submitted to AHS and necessary inspections have been completed and permission to proceed is obtained from the Executive Officer, the final renovations (re-build) may be done to ensure the dwelling is in a habitable and safe condition.

Our rebuild crew will work with you to bring your property back as before, or come up with a new plan and re-design to best fit your needs. Our construction crews are highly experienced in complete rebuilds and total renovations. From start to finish, a total turnkey experience.

When all inspections pass and all documents have been submitted as required, AHS will lift the Order and prepare a Rescind notification. Any postings may then be removed from the premises.

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