Extreme Mold On Wall Of House

My Mold Story

When Mold First Appears Imagine, you enter your bathroom, towel in hand. You have warm, clean clothes waiting in the dryer. You’re ready for that nice, relaxing shower after a long day’s work. But low and behold, out of the corner of your eye you spot some dark spots on the baseboards behind your toilet. […]

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Massive Pile Of Trash At Hoarders Home Before Clean Up

Hoarding – Where Are You Putting My Stuff?

A Hoarder’s Worst Fear When it comes to hoarding, where their stuff is going is a fear that most hoarders are faced with at some point in their life, especially when the authorities order them to clean up or ship out! Mayken™ understands cleaning up a hoarder’s property is more than just removing junk, there […]

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Cleaning Up Before And After At Hoarders House

Hoarding, It’s More Than Just Clutter

What Is Hoarding? Hoarding, is more than just clutter that has built up over time, it’s an actual disease that requires treatment, coaching and support from people surrounding the individual. When Mayken™ is contacted to help clear out a hoarding situation, it is usually family or friends who are providing this support that contact us […]

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Marijuana Plants From A Marijuana Grow House Operation Bust Protect Yourself As A Landlord

What is the Process to Remediate a Marijuana Grow House?

Remediating a marijuana grow house and returning it back to it’s original condition is a complex task with many steps along the way. As grow op remediation specialists Mayken™ has years of experience with the process and can walk you through all the steps to take a marijuana grow house from a disaster all the […]

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Grow Op plants and hazard signs

Is a Remediated Grow Op Home Really Safe

Most people interested in buying a grow op house will do their research online to get more information. Many blogs and articles, mostly from Realtors, are against these purchases. Why? Because they don’t know or understand the proper procedure for remediating a grow op. My professional view on purchasing these homes is that, in most […]

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