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Why Should Your Stolen Vehicle Get Drug Tested?

Having your vehicle stolen can be a frustrating and costly experience, involving time spent with police and waiting for the results of the investigation. In some cases, stolen vehicles are never recovered, or if they are, they are damaged beyond repair. 

However, for those lucky enough to get their stolen vehicle returned in working condition, there is still a myriad of potential risks with picking it from the impound lot and continuing its use. Typically, the best course of action after the successful recovery of your stolen vehicle is contacting your insurance company. Your insurance company will recommend having the vehicle brought to a body shop to inspect it for repairs and to ensure there is no unseen damage, as well as discussing your claim should your insurance cover theft. However, insurance companies have varied rules, and no law demands vehicles must be drug tested in Alberta. So why bother request drug testing for your vehicle?

Reasons to Conduct Vehicle Drug Testing

The number one reason to have your vehicle drug tested is to limit your exposure to hazardous materials and ensure your safety. It may not be common knowledge, but it is true that in most circumstances, hazmat cleaners are best equipped to perform drug testing services on a vehicle. This is because they are trained and certified to interact with these areas while adhering to proper safety precautions and procedures. If you are concerned about drug use in your recovered vehicle, it is important to share your concern with your insurance company. They may or may not be interested in performing the vehicle drug testing depending on the circumstances and evidence surrounding the stolen vehicle.


Vehicle Drug Testing Calgary

However, if the vehicle drug testing is required the vehicle will be moved to a body shop and a hazmat team will be deployed. Their trained staff use all of the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) as well as special tools and testing equipment to limit their interactions with substances and materials inside the recovered vehicle. If they find significant amounts of illicit substances, usually those exceeding 200 nanograms (ng), they will first identify what type of substance it is, and then inform the owner and their insurance company. 

If they do find significant amounts of drug resides and vehicle decontamination is required, hazmat professionals will go through the vehicle and remove all traces of the substances, beginning with the paraphernalia, and then conducting a thorough sanitization. In reality, this is the best detailing your vehicle will ever receive, as hazmat professionals are chiefly interested in removing all traces of illicit activities and substances which is the best reason to get your stolen vehicle drug tested.

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