How To Know You Need Hoarding Cleanup Services

Signs You Need Hoarding Cleanup Services

How do you know if you’re a hoarder or just merely collecting stuff? There is one way to tell: take a look around your home and see if any of the following signs are apparent. If so, it could be time to get hoarding cleanup services!

Your Home is in a State of Chronic Disorganization

If you notice that your home is in a constant state of disorganization where you can’t find anything, where things get lost, or you struggle to move around, you could be hoarding more than you know. A lot of us are chronically disorganized, but this goes to another level, as it gets in the way of your everyday life.

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You’re Getting Sick All the Time 

One of the side-effects of having hoarded stuff into your home is that you risk getting sick from the build-up of dust and germs from infectious waste, feces and fecal matter, expired food, trashed garbage, insects and rodents, mold and much more.

A lot of people tend to get sicker when their homes are overwhelmed with stuff. If you are noticing that you, or your family members, are always getting sick, it means your hoarding is negatively affecting your health. In some cases, the house is so overloaded it requires a hazmat emergency response service to help.

There is a Rise in Infestation in Your Home 

What brings in rats, mice and bugs? An overloaded home filled with unnecessary things. An infestation is a typical result for many people that hoard in their home. They might notice an increase in these critters, which can ruin your home and make it unhealthy for everyone inside. A rise in infestation means you desperately need hoarder cleaning services to help you rid your home of the rubbish.

How Will Hoarder Cleaning Services Help?

Using professional hoarding cleanup services means getting a team of hazmat cleaning experts that will assess the situation of the property and conduct a thorough clean to remove any waste and items. With proper clothing and the right equipment, they can clean up the home by eliminating any bio-hazardous items, including

  • Expired Food Removal
  • Pets, Insects, Birds and Rodents
  • Feces, Fecal Matter and Urine
  • Sharps and Needle
  • Any Rubbish or Large Waste
  • Mold and Mildew

Once that is completed, they can help with odor removal (through an air purification system), and bring in a professional organizer to help get your home back in order.

If you suspect that you are suffering from any of the following, don’t ruin your house or risk your health, get a hazmat professional to help you as soon as possible.

Mayken TM

Mayken Hazmat Solutions has provided Calgary and Western Canada with high-quality hazmat services since 2006. As a registered hazardous waste carrier with the Alberta government, we can handle a wide range of situations and environments. Whether cleaning up hoarding cases, contaminations, chemical spills or crime scenes, we can take care of overwhelming situations for you. Reach out to the experienced hazmat company by calling us 403-272-1995.

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