When it comes to hazardous cleaning for vehicles, Mayken stands out!

Mayken Hazmat Solutions is a trusted name in the hazardous cleaning industry, providing efficient and reliable services for a range of cleaning needs. When it comes to hazardous cleaning for vehicles, Mayken stands out as the best choice for a variety of reasons:

Expertise and Experience

Mayken Hazmat Solutions has been in the hazardous cleaning business for over a decade, and has gained a reputation for their exceptional services. Their team of experts is trained in handling hazardous waste and contaminants safely and effectively, ensuring that all vehicles are cleaned to the highest standard. With years of experience in the industry, Mayken has dealt with a wide range of hazardous waste situations, making them well-equipped to handle any challenge that may arise.

When it comes to hazardous cleaning for vehicles, safety should be the top priority. Mayken understands the importance of safety and has put measures in place to ensure that their team and clients are protected from harm. They have invested in the latest safety equipment and cleaning techniques to ensure that every job is completed safely and effectively. Mayken is committed to protecting the environment and ensuring that all hazardous waste is disposed of responsibly. They adhere to all environmental regulations and use environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions to minimize the impact on the environment. With their eco-friendly approach to hazardous cleaning for vehicles, Mayken ensures that their services are not only safe and efficient but also environmentally sustainable.

Mayken Services

Mayken Hazmat Solutions offers a range of hazardous cleaning services for vehicles, including cleaning for:

 Vehicle Drug Testing 

 Vehicle Drug Decontamination

 Hazardous Detailing

 Odour Removal

 Crime Scene & Biohazardous Cleanup 

 Disinfecting Services & Products

Vehicle Decontamination & Testing

When it comes to vehicle decontamination and testing for vehicles, Mayken is ready, equipped, trained, and experienced to disinfect and sanitize contamination to keep you and your family safe. We provide pre and post vehicle testing both on and off site to meet your needs, with comprehensive and reliable service that is unmatched in the industry. Contact Mayken Hazmat Solutions for all your hazardous cleaning needs, and experience the peace of mind that comes with their exceptional services.

Mayken TM

Mayken Hazmat Solutions has provided Calgary and Western Canada with high-quality hazmat services since 2006. As a registered hazardous waste carrier with the Alberta government, we can handle a wide range of situations and environments. Whether cleaning up hoarding cases, contaminations, chemical spills or crime scenes, we can take care of overwhelming situations for you. Reach out to the experienced hazmat company by calling us 403-272-1995.

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