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Vehicle Decontamination

Recovered Stolen Vehicle Drug Decontamination and Bio Cleaning

We're Not Detailing, We Are MAYKEN it Safer!

So, when a stolen vehicle has been recovered and finally returned, your initial thoughts are that you’re just glad to have it back, but did it cross your mind about vehicle drug decontamination? Probably not, but it should be a top priority.

Towed recovered stolen car unloaded at shop
Whether this is your vehicle, or you are an insurance adjuster, body shop, dealership, auction, impound lot or the first responder initially recovering the vehicle, most of the time a vehicle is stolen it’s for illegal activities and often it is related to drugs or the thief themselves is a drug user.

This could be you, your children, even your mechanic! That’s why vehicle decontamination after a theft or even a break in may be of importance. This is where our experience as crime scene cleaners comes to the forefront.

Vehicle Drug Testing Is Part Of Our Vehicle Decontamination

At Mayken we do not enter a vehicle without protecting ourselves with PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). These include face masks, gloves and a protective suit to prevent any residue from being ingested or contacting our skin.

Recovered car waiting for decontamination

Once we're protected, our Hazmat Technician performs a drug test to check for illicit drugs, Meth, Cocaine etc., along with a complete inspection using special tools to pick and search through the vehicle. We do a complete vehicle drug testing inspection looking for weapons, sharp objects (like needles, razor blades or broken glass), bodily fluids, potential rodent infestations, drugs, drug paraphernalia and drug residue which involves testing surfaces.

Once we’ve determined what, or if, any contamination is present, we can move onto cleaning which will eliminate illicit drugs, any blood borne pathogen or bodily fluids, and/or any insect and rodent infestations or other hazardous materials that are found along with general garbage and debris.

This cleaning is the ultimate detailing package that is completed by trained technicians that involves extensive rigorous procedures.

used needles found during vehicle decontamination

All in all, a vehicle decontamination is not a 30-minute cleanup. It can typically involve a full day depending on what is detected in the initial inspection. Also, allowing for drying times and re-assembly if necessary.

In the end, due to the thoroughness of our vehicle decontamination and our post testing, you can be assured it's once again safe for you and your family. We also will use an Ozone Generator to remove any lingering odors left behind.

Testing For Illicit Drugs, Meth, Heroin/Opiates, Cocaine, Amphetamines, MDMA/Ecstasy

All theft recovered vehicles are tested and inspected by our Hazmat Technician.  We test for illicit drugs, Meth, Heroin/Opiates, Cocaine, Amphetamines, MDMA/Ecstasy. We also complete a thorough inspection for any drugs, sharps and drug paraphernalia. A Hazmat Technician report is included with all pre and post test results, along with documenting photos are available on request.Swab testing is used for Fentanyl vehicle decontamination

If test results are positive - it is immediately reported to the client (Insurance company, automotive body shop, dealers or owners).

Mayken Hazmat has successfully decontaminated thousands of theft recovery vehicles... including those containing illicit drugs. With close attention to detail, we also address the HVAC System with our extensive procedures. And do post testing to ensure it's clear of drugs and drug paraphernalia. Mayken it safe for you and your family.

The good, bad and ugly of why you need to drug test vehicles and properties.

For Our Protection From Illicit Drugs

Naloxone kits are easily accessible to save our life in case of emergency during a vehicle decontamination.

Naloxone Kits saves lives in case of emergency during a vehicle decontamination.

Ensure your stolen vehicle is safe again

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