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The Unhealthy Dangers Of Being A Hoarder

Being a hoarder can be extremely dangerous to your health. A lot of people make fun of it – some TV shows are responsible for that – but it can have severe negative impacts on your lifestyle, the safety of your home and your overall health.  But what health hazards are we talking about? And […]

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hoarding cleaning services

How To Know You Need Hoarding Cleanup Services

Signs You Need Hoarding Cleanup Services How do you know if you’re a hoarder or just merely collecting stuff? There is one way to tell: take a look around your home and see if any of the following signs are apparent. If so, it could be time to get hoarding cleanup services! Your Home is […]

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Massive Pile Of Trash At Hoarders Home Before Clean Up

Hoarding – Where Are You Putting My Stuff?

A Hoarder’s Worst Fear When it comes to hoarding, where their stuff is going is a fear that most hoarders are faced with at some point in their life, especially when the authorities order them to clean up or ship out! Mayken™ understands cleaning up a hoarder’s property is more than just removing junk, there […]

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Cleaning Up Before And After At Hoarders House

Hoarding, It’s More Than Just Clutter

What Is Hoarding? Hoarding, is more than just clutter that has built up over time, it’s an actual disease that requires treatment, coaching and support from people surrounding the individual. When Mayken™ is contacted to help clear out a hoarding situation, it is usually family or friends who are providing this support that contact us […]

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Extremely Filthy Kitchen And Bathroom Of Hoarders House Before Clean Up Services

Extreme Cleaning – Crime Scene Cleaning – Hoarders

EXTREME CLEANING   Crime Scene cleaning, extreme cleaning and hoarding cleanup all require specialized equipment, and attention to details. That’s why Mayken™ Hazmat Solutions can be helpful to you when you need it most. Whether it’s extreme cleaning after hoarders, extremely poor tenants or due to poorly maintained homes and pets, the cleanup can be […]

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