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Fentanyl Awareness Seminars

Sharing Fentanyl Remediation Expertise

Jeanette May discusses what fentanyl isWith the growing health concern and risk involved with the toxic substance of fentanyl and other illicit drugs, we have shifted our focus and now specialize in Illicit Fentanyl Decontamination and Neutralization. We are now the leading experts in Fentanyl drug lab remediation in Canada.  Having successfully remediated numerous Fentanyl labs, including the largest lab in Canadian history. With that being said, our reason for doing customized presentations is to share our experience and knowledge and avoid anyone from becoming a victim.

To date, we have shared our experiences by customizing presentations to organizations who wish to become more aware of the potential dangers. If you believe you could benefit from this, please call 403-272-1995. We are in the process of scheduling presentations and would like to accommodate all your members wanting to attend.

Learn how to protect you, your employees, your family, your property and your vehicles, by booking a presentation today. 

Fentanyl Awareness and InformationFentanyl Awareness Educational Presentation

Book an Educational Fentanyl Awareness Presentation in your area TODAY!

Information below is 100%  unique to our Presentations 

Each presentation can be customize for you and your team members. Some topics to choose from are as follows:

  • What is Fentanyl and the Characteristics.
  • Where it comes from and the growing risk to public.
  • How to detect Fentanyl when entering or inspecting properties or vehicles.
  • What should I look for? What are the potential dangers?
  • Lean about the risks and safety precautions.
  • What to do if you discover a Fentanyl lab or processing center.
  • How to protect yourself, and your property, from becoming a victim.
  • Look inside a Fentanyl lab with actual photos and video.
  • Identify the guidelines to remediate and make the property habitable again.

Here is some recent comments of presentation attendees:

  • Excellent Presentation! Thanks for the Education!!!
  • Good Presentation - Informative. Thanks for answering so many questions
  • Excellent piece of work. Thanks.


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