How You Can Be Exposed To Fentanyl

Special clothing can prevent exposure to fentanyl avoid being exposed to fentanyl with protective clothing
Protective Clothing (PPE)

There are multiple ways people can be exposed to fentanyl. Chemicals have become part of our daily lives. We use them for everything from cleaning windows to making automotive parts and lifesaving medicines. Unless you make a conscious effort to avoid coming into contact with them, you are likely exposed to a variety of commercially produced chemicals every day. Most of these chemicals have been tested and found to have negligible long-term side effects when used as directed. However, even these “safe” chemicals can cause harmful and even lethal side effects when handled improperly.

Fentanyl is an opioid prescribed for pain management in individuals experiencing severe, long-term or ongoing pain. It is a narcotic, and while it may be prescribed by a doctor it is not prescribed for general use due to harmful long- and short-term side effects. Fentanyl is prescribed only when its high-risk side effects are deemed to be of less consequence than the pain it is being prescribed to treat. When fentanyl is prescribed its use is carefully monitored to prevent over-exposure and to reduce fatal side effects.

All exposure to fentanyl, including prescription fentanyl, is dangerous. There are a variety of ways in which someone inside an area where drugs were being milled or packaged can be exposed.

Ways To Be Exposed To Fentanyl

Covered with Fentanyl Green Dust Particles
Covered with Fentanyl Green Dust


Fentanyl, prior to packaging for distribution on the street, is an extremely fine powder. During the cutting and milling processes involved in packaging the drug, small amounts of the mixed powders are aerosolized. This dust may hang in the air for extended periods of time and drift on air currents to settle in areas that are otherwise uncontaminated. Once settled, the dust may be disturbed and become airborne again by physical contact or by air currents caused by movement in its general vicinity which could lead to you being exposed to fentanyl..


Although all physical contact with Fentanyl should be avoided, mucous membrane contact can be especially hazardous. Mucous membranes in your eyes, nose, mouth and other body cavities allow for easier transfer of chemicals into the bloodstream. While skin fentanyl exposure is hazardous in large quantities, the rate of absorption is much greater and far quicker through these areas.


Although fentanyl is not commonly injected that does not preclude exposure from needle sticks. An accidental needle stick will introduce the drug directly into your body and possibly directly into your bloodstream. There also exists an elevated chance of being exposed to other substances and bodily fluids when needles are involved.

Exposure to fentanyl is extremely dangerous. For more information on the risks associated with fentanyl exposure during remediation contact us or by phone at 1(866) 492-0225 today.

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