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Why You Should Get Your Stolen Vehicle Drug Tested 

In 2018, nearly 7,000 vehicles were stolen in Calgary, and despite an improvement in 2019, there is still a high number of vehicle thefts.

Thankfully, a lot of stolen vehicles are found and returned. Unfortunately, the majority of them come back contaminated, as they were stolen by drug addicts or dealers. Car owners though, don’t know it. That is why when getting back a stolen car, it is important for car owners to seek drug testing services.

The Risks If You Don’t Get Vehicle Drug Testing Services

What is the most common tool that drug takers use? Syringes.

Now, imagine if you or your kids accidentally get by pricked one. Who knows who used the needle and what kind of diseases they could be carrying. You’re risking their lives and yours by exposing them to bloodborne diseases, such as AIDS,HIV and Hepatitis. There is nothing more dangerous than pricking yourself on a leftover drug syringe.

And even removing these syringes isn’t enough to protect you. If that isn’t enough to scare you, drug residue (such as that from fentanyl and methamphetamines) can be left behind in the car’s upholstery, and can seep into someone’s skin if contact is made.

So not only is getting vehicle drug decontamination essential for the removal of all these dangerous items, but the cleaning aspects removes any leftover drug residue that can affect you.

Let Police Handle It First, Then Get Vehicle Drug Testing Services

In most cases, people will receive their cars “as is”, but it is advisable that they do not go inside it or drive it until they get it inspected by police, and then get vehicle drug testing.


You should always get the police to take a more in-depth look at your vehicle to see if there are any suspicious items or evidence that were left behind. Firearms, narcotics and personal identification could all be found in the car, which could lead police to the theft.

What Does Vehicle Drug Testing Do?

Vehicle drug decontamination should be your top priority when you get your vehicle back in your possession. When getting professional Calgary hazmat cleaning professionals to work on your car, they will conduct the following to ensure the safety of your car:

  • A complete drug testing process includes looking for weapons (which can have residue on it), sharp objects (like needles or razor blades), bodily fluids, leftover drugs, drug paraphernalia and drug residue. Testing will be conducted for fentanyl and methamphetamine to see if there is any leftover residue that could have been embedded in the car.
  • If there is any contamination present, the professionals will then neutralize to eliminate the illicit drugs, any bloodborne pathogens, bodily fluids and other hazardous materials in your vehicle.
  • Finally, the vehicle will be deeply cleaned with extensive rigorous procedures that guarantee that there are no traces left behind.

Vehicle decontamination typically takes one to three days depending on what is detected in the initial inspection, the clean and the reassembly of the vehicle parts. Regardless, it is something that must be done when your vehicle is stolen. Even if you’re sure your vehicle is fine, always double-check and book your appointment with your hazmat expert in Calgary today.

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