Fentanyl Property Drug Testing

Why Drug Testing Is Important

The residue left by fentanyl and meth use is toxic and leads to serious health problems.

Fentanyl Exposure Is A Risk

Exposure to even the smallest amount of fentanyl puts everyone at significant risk.

Green tape on walls marking test areas

Save lives, Save property, Save money, Be safe!

Drug Testing For Fentanyl, Meth, Heroin, Opiates, Cocaine, Amphetamines, Ecstasy / MDMA

Residence taped off for fentanyl exposure

Residential property

Purchasing a new-to-you home? Protect your family and loved ones!

Drug testing allows you to deal with potential hazardous situations before they become a problem.

Plastic and tape blocking washroom with fentanyl contamination

Commercial property

Landlords, property management agencies and homeowners want protection for their buildings, investment properties and other assets.

Drug testing allows you to deal with potential hazardous situations before they become a problem.

Towing stolen car with biohazard card

Recovered stolen vehicles

Have peace of mind when your stolen vehicle is recovered and finally returned to you. Decontaminate your vehicle from all drugs and residue left behind. Feel assured you and your family can travel safely again.

Drug testing allows you to deal with potential hazardous situations before they become a problem.

The Real Nightmare Scenario:

  • Family moves into new home
  • All family members show signs of sickness immediately
  • The children’s grades slipped, respiratory issues developed, decreased energy levels and trouble sleeping.
  • Sickness lasts for almost a year before discovering house used to be a meth lab
  • The 6-year old boy had meth levels in his system of a “seasoned adult drug user”.

The Facts:

  • 100mg of meth will get you high, 1000mg/day for regular users, up to 5000 mg/day for chronic binge users.
  • 2mg of fentanyl is a LETHAL DOSE! (2 grains of salt)
  • As little as 20 mcg of fentanyl can cause intoxication and potential for overdose symptoms.
  • Meth in your house could make you sick… fentanyl In your home CAN KILL YOU!

The Epidemic:  

  • The opioid epidemic killed killed 3823 people in Canada in 2019.
  • 77% of those deaths involved fentanyl or fentanyl analogues
  • Opioids are killing more people than AIDS at its peak.

The Solution:

  • Drug testing your property or vehicle adds value and peace of mind
  • Set up regular maintenance drug testing on rental properties, can deter even casual users from bringing drugs into your property
  • Drug testing in between tenants or before you move in reduces the risk of you being liable

The Results: 

  • Immediately reduce accidental exposure, overdose or deaths.
  • Limit liability for landlords and property management/owners.
  • More likely to rent/sell property.
  • Peace of mind.

Benefits for Testing:

  • Fentanyl won’t give you a second chance, identify its presence before it’s too late.
  • VERY affordable considering a simple test can save lives.
  • Divert drug users/producers/sellers away from property/neighborhoods and communities.

Cost for Testing

  • Contact us for a reasonable "no obligation" quote. 

Learn more about how easily you can encounter fentanyl and other drugs in your vehicle and property.

Negative fentanyl test strip

Peace of mind starts with drug testing

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