Biohazard Clean Up in Calgary

Companies that offer professional biohazard cleanup services are equipped to deal with the dangers of handling blood, bodily fluids, excrement, and other infectious biological material. For the average person, a trauma scene cleanup can be a daunting job not to mention the fact they are putting themselves at risk for disease. That burden can be eased by choosing the specialists at Mayken™ Hazmat Solutions to help with your circumstances.

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Why our biohazard cleaning services make a difference

We have the training, expertise, and well-refined protocols to make your location safe again with thorough and efficient cleaning and disinfecting. We consider all potential areas of exposure so your family, employees, customers, pets, and anyone else at your location will have peace of mind they will be in a safe environment going forward.

  • Biological contamination can hide anywhere

    With the number of locations we’ve cleaned up over the years, we know blood and bodily fluids can splatter out of sight. Whether visible or hidden, our specialized equipment and techniques detect these substances, as well as bacteria and viruses, the human eye cannot see. We’ve found fluids splattered on ceilings, into heating ducts, and into cooling vents. We know how to find and handle fluids that have seeped between floorboards and soaked into subfloors or even into porous materials like tile grout. 

  • Contaminated materials are risky to handle

    Hazardous materials from infected people such as blood, vomit, urine, excrement, or human tissue, can put you at a health risk for contracting diseases like HIV and hepatitis (A, B, and C). Animal waste can also contain infectious pathogens such as Hanta Virus from mice. We have the knowledge, experience and equipment to safely handle, remove, and dispose of infectious materials at a licensed waste facility.

  • No regulations or guidelines to assist you

    In Alberta, the provincial government does not regulate or provide guidelines for the cleanup of biohazardous substances.  Individuals and companies need to learn how to do the cleanup safely and properly themselves.  This means any janitorial or cleaning company can say they remove biohazardous material without the knowledge to do so properly. Each technician at Mayken™ is trained to the high standards of our procedures and uses full PPE to ensure everyone's safety. 

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Worker cleaning construction dust during restoration cleanup

Why trauma cleanup is really not a DIY job

Biocleaning professionals have the training and experience to handle all the factors above safely and thoroughly. We clean up and sanitize the trauma scene, removing any potential dangerous bloodborne pathogens.  This ensures the area has no traces of contamination and is returned to a biologically safe condition. As specialized cleaners, we respond to all types of scenes, including hoarding situations, homicides, suicides, unattended deaths, and accidents.

This is not a job suited for everyone. Because of the nature of the work, a cleaning technician undergoes extensive training to understand the dangers of bloodborne pathogens and exposure, to gain the skills necessary to clean them, and to know how to dispose of contaminated items safely. Becoming skilled is a prolonged process that requires experience and years of commitment. 

On top of the grueling nature of the work, biohazard cleaners also must be empathetic and compassionate.  They encounter a wide range of tragic circumstances where they are providing support and comfort to the families or co-workers who are going through a terrible situation. They also often become advocates for helping deal with insurance claims.

Why Mayken™ Hazmat is the best choice

At Mayken™ we have expertise in biohazard and trauma scene cleanup.  We have been delivering high-quality hazmat and biohazard cleaning services in Calgary, Alberta, and extended surrounding area since 2006. We are fully insured and stay current with industry practices and health guidelines. Our technicians have earned the trust and respect of our clients. The range of biohazardous situations we have dealt with includes:

  • Covid-19 and other coronavirus disinfecting
  • Bodily fluids, urine, feces, and vomit cleanup
  • Disinfecting Services & Products
  • Hoarding Cleanup
  • Air Purification and odour removal to decontaminate, purify and effectively eliminates odors found at the location

We can handle most any indoor or outdoor situation you’re faced with involving property, vehicles, or spill cleanups. We have provided cleaning and decontamination services for:

  • Homeowners and residential properties
  • Landlords and rental properties
  • Businesses and commercial properties
  • Property management companies
  • Hotels and motels
  • Vehicle owners
Cleaning outline of deceased body on carpet

Let us clean up your biohazardous situation

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Professional Crime Scene Cleaners with Compassion

As professional crime scene cleaners we are sensitive to your situation. If you are facing a trauma or crime scene cleanup, first we would like to extend our sincere condolences to you. This is an emotional and traumatic event that you are currently dealing with. We are sensitive to the shock and grief you are enduring. In such circumstances we understand how hard it can be to find a dependable, experienced company that is qualified for handling crime and trauma scene cleanups.

We bring experience as crime scene cleaners

Mayken™ Hazmat has provided biohazard cleanup services in Calgary, Alberta, and the surrounding area since 2006. We are your go-to service company when it comes to the cleanup of blood, drugs, pathogens, or other biohazardous substances. Our specialists are empathetic and compassionate and have earned the trust and respect of our clients.

We are a fully insured, highly trained and hazmat certified company that is registered with the Alberta government for hazardous waste carrying. Our experts can help restore your property to be safe from:

  • Infectious diseases from contaminated blood and other bodily fluids
  • Drug reactions from dangerous illicit drugs
  • Injuries from needles and sharp objects left by criminals and addicts
  • Coronavirus and other pathogens
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The risk exposure for crime scene cleaners

At trauma scenes where individuals have been injured or worse there is a danger of blood and other fluids carrying infectious diseases and pathogens such as HIV.  Not only does the location need to be properly cleaned up, but it also needs to be sanitized to ensure you have a safe environment going forward. 

This is one of the most serious issues overlooked when dealing with biohazard remediation. Often individuals prefer clean up the scene themselves completely unaware of the risks and dangers involved. But doing it yourself could put you, your family, or your employees at risk. If the cost of specialized cleaning and sanitizing is a concern, we recommend you check with your insurance agent to see if you are covered. Depending on the nature of the situation, the use of a professional biohazard cleaning service may be covered by property or vehicle insurance. 

Even if you aren't covered by insurance, a specialized cleaner is really the safest and best way to handle cleaning up the scene. We use personal protective equipment including breathing gear, suits, gloves, facial protection, and footwear. Each technician at Mayken™ Hazmat has extensive training and follows safety protocols to ensure that not only are we protected while doing the crime scene cleanup, but also that all associated dangers are eradicated from the scene to ensure your protection going forward.

used needles found during vehicle decontamination

Illicit drugs complicate crime scene cleanup

In situations like break and enters and vehicle break-ins the perpetrators are often involved in criminal activity due to drug use.  They break into buildings or vehicles looking for a “safe space” to get high before moving onto their next victims. Once these individuals enter a building or vehicle, they often leave drug residue from earlier use or in many cases drug paraphernalia such as:

  • used needles
  • sharp blades
  • other items like pipes, spoons, chemicals, etc.

Finding and disposing of these items is a highly risky venture for any individual. The potential remaining drug residue can create an even bigger risk after the fact.

Mayken™ uses specific protocols developed through years of experience to search for drug paraphernalia systematically and thoroughly. We also use specialized testing equipment to detect potential contaminants and dangerous substances that need to be removed to restore your environment.

Importance of disinfecting a trauma scene

Our sanitization procedures neutralize any blood or airborne diseases left behind by the individuals and ensure that any harmful drug residue is also removed. We not only clean up the complications left behind at a trauma scene, we also provide complete sanitization to protect you, your family, and your staff going forward.

24/7 Crime Scene Cleaning Services

You spend great effort protecting your residence, your vehicle, or your business. When a crime has occurred, you want the problem dealt with quickly.

That is why Mayken™ Hazmat Solutions offers 24/7 service allowing you to get guidance on the next steps to have your location dealt with efficiently and properly. When an incident occurs at night after hours, our work will not begin until the next morning or until the crime scene is released.

Call if you require immediate service

You can alert us to your situation by leaving details using the form below. We will respond in a timely manner, either later the same day or first thing the next morning.

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