The Trusted Crime Scene Cleaners in Edmonton

For over 10 years, Mayken Hazmat has been providing crime scene cleaning in Edmonton. If something has gone wrong and you need an experienced team of professionals to help you with a clean up, we're the team for you.

We can handle everything: blood, drugs, and other hazardous substances. We're expertly trained, fully insured, and certified with the Alberta government. We can ensure that your property is safe and secure from the following:

  • Drug infections from the likes of illicit drugs, meth, and more
  • Injuries from sharp objects or leftover needles
  • Infectious diseases from contaminated blood

Highly-Trained Crime Scene Cleaners in Edmonton

There is always a risk that any addict or criminal has contaminated blood or other fluids that carry infectious diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis B, and AIDs. These diseases can ruin your life, so it is imperative that you do get exposed to them, and that the area is sanitized by experts.

It's why you should never clean a crime scene yourself. You risk exposing yourself to these threats, increasing your risk to get these diseases. You should always leave the crime scene cleaning to the experts here at Mayken™ Hazmat.

We use specialized equipment and protective suits that ensure our body is covered from head to toe. We also have extensive training and safety protocols that ensure that we can safely remove any drugs or diseases in the area. You can trust us to eradicate any dangers.

Ensuring Your Safety With Our Crime Scene Cleaners in Edmonton

There are many situations where you could find that once your home or vehicle has been broken into, it becomes a place where criminals leave behind dangerous items.

You could find potential drug residue leftover, as well as drug paraphernalia, such as used needles, sharp blades, pipes, spoons, dangerous chemicals, and other items. All these items are used to help addicts and criminals inject their drugs and are dangerous for you.

Crime scene cleanup - used needles found during vehicle decontaminationYou shouldn't have to risk your life in order to ensure that your home or vehicle is safe. With our crime scene cleaners in Edmonton, we can safely find and dispose of any potential risk.

We have specific processes to systematically search for drug paraphernalia, as well as specialized testing equipment to detect potential contaminants. You can expect the complete service with our experts.


Committed To Crime Scene Sanitization in Edmonton

Not only do we rid your property or vehicle of any leftover drugs or mess, but we make sure that we sanitize the whole area so that it is free from any contaminated blood or airborne diseases. We also remove any drug residue that can prove dangerous to you.

We can also provide sanitization for your family, your staff, and yourself, ensuring that nothing is stuck to you. We want to guarantee that you're healthy and your safety is secure.

Around-The-Clock Crime Scene Cleaning Services in Edmonton

Whether it's your vehicle or your home, we can provide you with the cleaning services that can make the difference. We can deal with it quickly and effectively, ensuring you have no issues going forward.

It's why we're committed to providing you with 24/7 solutions, so you get the problem sorted then and there. Contact us today and rid your life of a messy crime.

If you require immediate service call us at 403-272-1995.

Or you can use our contact form below to email us and we will respond first thing the next morning if not sooner.

Crime Scene Clean Up Contact Form

Crime Scene Clean Up Contact Form

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