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Hoarder Cleaning Services

Hazardous Cleaning, Hoarders & Gross Filth

The extreme hazardous cleaning services that Mayken Hazmat Solutions regularly deals with, usually has many health risks that need to be addressed properly and effectively. These hazards can include bio-hazard and infectious waste, feces and fecal matter, expired food, trashed garbage, insects and rodents, mold and much much more. They should not be undertaken by anyone without proper equipment and training. Mayken Hazmat Solutions guarantees that their experienced hazmat crew in Calgary can return your property back to a state where it can be safely inhabitable again.

Hazardous & Hoarder Cleaning Services for:

  • Alberta Health eviction orders
  • Moving in | Moving out cleaning (Evicted tenants)
  • Blood and bodily fluids
  • Illicit drug labs and user sites cleanup
  • Public health threats
  • Infection diseases and viruses
  • Bed bug Preparation and cleanup
  • Junk and clutter removal, hauling and disposal
  • Gross, filthy and trashed garbage house and yard
  • Hoarders (All levels of hoarding)
  • Sharps and needle clean up | Infectious waste and diseases
  • Biological and bio-hazard waste removal
  • Contaminated distressed properties, vehicles and soil
  • Vandalism and transitional housing
  • Expired food removal and disposal
  • Pets, insects, birds and rodents dropping infestation 
  • Feces, fecal matter and urine cleanup
  • Flooding and sewage backup
  • Mold remediation and asbestos abatement
  • Air purification and odor removal
  • Professional organizer

Reliable Hazard And Hoarder Cleaning


Hoarding and filthy properties give rise to fire hazards, bacterial hazards and risks for other health issues.

During the hazard cleaning of distressed properties, Maykens technicians wear protective clothing and respirators to stay protected against the infectious site. This equipment is quite costly and far too often homeowners, or landlords, believe they can deal with it without the expense, only to end up with health issues later on.

Why take a chance with your health or the health of future inhabitants of your property when you can bring in affordable professionals to deal with the situation and provide you with proper hoarder cleaning services.

hazardous extreme cleaning Mayken strives to provide superior standards of service with the utmost importance on the protection, health, and safety of it's employees and any persons involved in the situation.

Also some members of Maykens team are Professional Organizers so they will take the time to work with you through the purging process and will keep you on track and motivated as long as needed. Mayken your home clean and organized with positive and lasting changes in your home.

Hazardous hoarding situations can be clean again

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