Fighting Back Against Fentanyl – Partnering for Community Health & Safety

Fighting Back Against Fentanyl

Communities across North America are being torn apart by the effects of fentanyl. Every day more of our youth become involved in the drug trade. It is taking over our streets and destroying our families.

Some communities are fighting back. Green roots movements to take back the streets see everyday citizens partnering with law enforcement, educators, community groups and service providers to clean up their streets and stop the spread of fentanyl and other drugs. These cooperative movements are not just raising awareness – they are active participants in making their cities and towns safer, healthier places to live.

The Role of the Remediation Team

Partnering with fentanyl remediation professionals like Mayken™ Hazmat Solutions who have experience handling fentanyl clean up means having someone to turn to who can safely and quickly restore homes affected by fentanyl trade. Shutting down a lab is only one step in restoring a community. Vacant homes, especially those that have already been associated with the drug trade, attract crime. By bringing in a remediation team these houses can be made livable again.

Remediation vs Replacement

Tearing down and replacing homes that have been used as drug labs may seem like the simplest solution. However, it will likely cost much more to remove and dispose of the home than to clean it. Demolition will require special handling and disposal of building materials and debris by a crew who have been trained in hazardous waste disposal and are familiar with fentanyl drug lab remediation. In most cases, the damage done by a lab can be undone without affecting the structure of the house. Remediation also means there will be less risk of aerosolizing any drugs or chemicals trapped inside the home. This makes remediation not only cheaper but safer and quicker than demolition and replacement.

Mayken remediation technicians are certified hazmat specialists. They work inside communities and for private clients to help undo the damage caused by fentanyl use and production. Contact us online or by phone at (888) 801-0911 for more information on how partnering with a specialized remediation team can help your community move forward.

Mayken TM

Mayken Hazmat Solutions has provided Calgary and Western Canada with high-quality hazmat services since 2006. As a registered hazardous waste carrier with the Alberta government, we can handle a wide range of situations and environments. Whether cleaning up hoarding cases, contaminations, chemical spills or crime scenes, we can take care of overwhelming situations for you. Reach out to the experienced hazmat company by calling us 403-272-1995.

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