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Fentanyl Lab

Fighting Back Against Fentanyl

Fighting Back Against Fentanyl – Partnering for Community Health & Safety

Communities across North America are being torn apart by the effects of fentanyl. Every day more of our youth become involved in the drug trade. It is taking over our streets and destroying our families. Some communities are fighting back. Green roots movements to take back the streets see everyday citizens partnering with law enforcement, […]

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Fentanyl Drug Lab Identification and Cleanup

What to do if You Discover A Fentanyl Lab

It’s a landlord’s worst nightmare – you walk into your rental property only to discover that your renters aren’t what they seemed. Baggies, bowls, garbage – bottles of liquid and dust everywhere. Your rental property looks less like a home than a flophouse. You suspect a possible Fentanyl Drug Lab. If you think there is […]

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Fentanyl Remediation in Rural Rental Housing

Fentanyl Remediation in Rural Rental Housing

Fentanyl drug lab remediation has become an increasingly common issue in rural areas. Fentanyl suppliers are turning to rural rentals to provide them the privacy and the space they need to produce their products. Why are Rural Rentals at Risk? Rural rental properties are excellent locations for drug labs. They are private, cheap, and landlords […]

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The Fentanyl Exposure Problem: A Growing Crisis

Fentanyl is an artificial opioid legally used to treat severe pain; particularly pain associated with cancer, but there is also a dark side creating a fentanyl exposure problem. Estimated to be 100 times more potent than morphine and coveted for its euphoric effect, fentanyl is used illegally to replace or augment heroin use. Fentanyl exposure affects […]

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Fentanyl Remediation and cleanup of fentanyl labs

Fentanyl Remediation is Best Left to the Professionals

The number of illegal fentanyl labs is on the rise in North America. First responders and rental property owners are at high risk of being exposed to this dangerous drug. Fentanyl drug lab remediation is best left to the professionals for good reason. Pure fentanyl is a fine crystalline powder, and according to the Center […]

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