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Crime Scene Cleaners In Calgary

Your Crime Scene Cleaners Pros

If you’re dealing with a crime scene or trauma, MAYKEN would like to extend our sincere condolences to you for the emotional and traumatic event that you are currently dealing with. We’re sensitive to the grief you must be enduring and the last thing you need to be faced with right now is finding cleaners that are experienced and qualified.

Mayken Hazmat has been providing crime scene cleanup services in Alberta for well over a decade and are your go to service company to cleanup for you if there are any potential concerns about blood, drugs or other hazardous substances.

We're a fully insured, highly trained and certified company that's registered with the Alberta government for hazardous waste carrying and we can help ensure you and your property are safe from:

  • Infectious diseases from contaminated blood
  • Drug reactions from dangerous illicit drugs
  • Injuries from left over needles and sharp objects left by criminals and addicts

Crime Scene Cleaners For Trauma

In the case of trauma where individuals have been injured there is a danger of blood or other fluids carrying infectious diseases such as HIV that needs to be not just cleaned up but the area also requires sanitizing.

This is often one of the most serious issues overlooked when dealing with crime scene cleanup. Many individuals prefer to clean up themselves completely unaware of the risks and dangers involved. Yet in most cases the use of a professional service is completely covered by homeowners or business owners insurance (check with your insurance company to verify) to protect all individuals.

Why would you put your family, your staff or yourself at risk?

Mayken Hazmat uses specialized breathing gear, protective suits including gloves, facial protection and footwear along with extensive training and safety protocols to ensure not only we're protected but that any and all dangers are eradicated from the scene which protects you going forward.

Crime Scene Cleaners Complications

In situations like break and enters and vehicle break-ins the perpetrators are often involved in criminal activity due to drug use.

Once these individuals enter the building or vehicle they often end up leaving potential drug residue from earlier use or in many cases drug paraphernalia such as:

  • used needles
  • sharp blades
  • other items like pipes, spoons, chemicals etc

These items are used by the criminals to inject, prepare or simply use their drugs and often they are using the buildings or vehicles they enter as a "safe space" to get high before moving onto their next victims.

Finding and disposing of these items is a highly risky venture for any individual and the potential remaining residue creates an even bigger risk after the fact.

Crime scene cleanup - used needles found during vehicle decontaminationThat's why Mayken Hazmat has specific processes in place to not only systematically search for drug paraphernalia, but we also have specialized testing equipment to detect potential contaminants and dangers that need to be removed protecting you going forward.


Crime Scene Cleaners Sanitization

Our sanitization procedures neutralize any blood or airborne diseases left behind by the individuals and ensure that any drug residue that could potentially affect anyone in a negative manner are also removed.

We not only cleanup any of the complications left behind at a crime scene, we also provide complete sanitization to protect you, your family and your staff going forward.

24/7 Crime Scene Cleaners Services

When it comes to protecting your residence, your vehicle or your business you not only want the problem dealt with properly, but you want it dealt with quickly.

That's why Mayken Hazmat Solutions offers 24/7 service allowing you to have the problem dealt with quickly and efficiently and knowing it's been dealt with properly.

If you require immediate service call us at 403-272-1995.

Or you can use our contact form below to email us and we will respond first thing the next morning if not sooner.

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Crime Scene Clean Up Contact Form

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