About Us

About Us

Cleaning Hazardous Situations with Compassion

We want to bring happy endings to some of life's worst moments our clients encounter. We're not only specialists in safely cleaning up hazardous situations, we're a kind shoulder to lean on for guidance.

Our Vision

We are driven to be the single source for all your Environmental Spills, Hazardous Cleaning and Illicit Drugs Remediation Solutions.

Our Mission

To provide complete Hazardous Solutions all while being committed to superior safety standards with the utmost importance on the health and protection of employees, the community and the environment.

Our Promise

We promise to treat customers with the highest quality of service, dignity and respect. Our expertise is coupled with professionalism and compassion as our customers are dealing with emotionally and challenging situation.

Mayken™ is the premier Hazardous Cleaning, Spills and Illicit Drugs Remediation Specialist in Calgary, Alberta and throughout Western Canada!

Benefits of Working With Us

Mayken™ Hazmat Solutions has been environmentally cleaning up Calgary and Western Canada since 2006. We take pride in being knowledgeable and experienced and have proven to be “The Hazardous Cleaning and Remediation Specialists”.

Countless biohazard cleanup scenes and literal mountains of hoarder collections removed from unlivable dwellings are amongst all types of hazardous cleaning situations we have dealt with. Environmental cleanup of large and small spills is one facet of moving hazardous materials. We are seen as leading experts for testing and decontaminating illegal drugs including opioids, meth, and fentanyl in properties and recovered stolen vehicles. We also gut entire houses to remove mold from marijuana grow op (MGO) operations.

Mayken™ has the experience to make your life, and the lives around you, cleaner and safer and ensure and guarantee a livable, safe environment for you and your family.

Jeanette and Dean May and employees gathered at office
Mayken Team in protective suits and masks
Dean May - Mayken co-owner

Dean May - Owner, Chief of Operations

Over 20 years, emergency response, safety and transportation. The start of Dean’s hazardous career was in the fuel trucking industry, where he built his training to become a certified Haz-Mat Emergency Response Spill Specialist. He has handled everything from train derailments with CP and CN Rail to massive fuel truck incidents. Dean’s mechanical skills, construction experience and knowledge of building codes allow him to repair almost anything around your home or business. His hands-on experience ensures your problem will be taken care of properly from start-to-finish, from recovery to disposal to a full, safe restoration.

Jeanette May - Mayken co-owner

Jeanette May - Owner, Business Development, Marketing, CFO

Jeanette is the heart and soul behind Mayken™ Hazmat Solutions. As an owner, and manager, she is constantly automating and streamlining new strategies in the office and field-level operations.

On top of the strategic development, she applies her training and experience in all aspects of overall business, which allows her to wear many hats giving her various chief responsibilities. 

Jeanette’s entrepreneurial background and her vast array of skills in accounting, professionalism in sales, passion in being creative and her practical approach to organize; whether it be a client’s home or production in the workplace, gives her the ambition and focus to help others work towards a cleaner and safer environment.  

Jeanette also finds the time to be Mayken’s™ main point of contact for exceptional customer service and building strong professional relationships. When needed, she suits up, and helps on job sites encountering first-hand hazardous situations. Her specialty is acting as a liaison with any client who struggles with hoarding behaviors.  

She is an active member of BBB, CRRA, AASP and CCC. Jeanette was formerly board of director and treasurer of Chestermere Chambers.  She continues to participate in committees and remains treasurer for a small non-for-profit organization.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Our customer testimonials speak for themselves


Kenny Liu


Mayken Hazmat Solutions has been nothing short of amazing. ... At the time I was confused, lost and emotionally drained. I got in touch with Dean at Mayken, he took the time to explain what I needed to know and gave me a very reasonable quote. I called 3 other companies but just didn’t find the service or price Mayken offered.


My brother had been alone in his house for some weeks, without power, water or heat. Once he recovered, we needed to get his home back in shape for him to live in. Mayken took care of all those things that we could not have done ourselves. This was important for us in our time of need.

Hazmat Emergency Response Technician & Spill Specialist

Training and Certifications

Dean and his team at Mayken™ Hazmat Solutions are fully insured, certified, highly trained and equipped for dealing with hazardous materials and situations. Mayken™ is an accredited business member of the BBB-A+, WCB, ACSA, ESSA, CRRA, CCC and are registered with the Alberta government as a hazardous waste carrier.

Haz-Mat Emergency Response Technician Level

Haz-Mat Emergency Spill Response Specialist

Emergency Response Co-coordinator

Advanced Confined Space Entry and Rescue Methods (Expired)

CN RAIL Special Commodities for handling transportation Emergency Incidents

Petroleum Spill Containment & Recovery

Public Safety (Sheltering and Evacuation Concepts)

Transportation Risk Management for Supervisors

Transportation of Dangerous Goods – Train the Trainer

Asbestos Abatement

Mold Remediation

Gas Detection

Fire and Electricity Awareness

Static Electricity Control

Flaring and Purging

Product Transfer

Critical Incident Stress Management

Construction Safety Training System (CSTS)

Personal Protective Equipment and Respiratory Protection

Anhydrous Ammonia Emergency Response

Hydrogen Sulphide H2S Alive

First Aid with CPR C & AED for Alberta and BC

Mayken™ is committed to provide superior safety standards with the utmost importance on the health and protection of our employees, the community and the environment. Mayken™ is trained, equipped and committed to restoring the environment and/or property that has been contaminated as a result of any hazardous materials. Mayken™ Hazmat Solutions will liaison with the regulatory authorities, 3rd party contractors and you (the Customer) to ensure your site is dealt with in the best interest of safety and the environment in a cost effective manner.


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